eFoodsDirect serves their customers by providing quality products and excellent customer service each and every day. When their customers serve an eFoods meal they can always count on it’s ease of preparation, delicious flavor, and high nutritional value.

We are happy to announce that efoods direct will be providing our food supplies for the entire four month journey!

August 7, 2012


We are so excited to be able to utilize eFoodsDirect food supply! Both of us consumed some samples a few months ago and were surprised how good it tasted. From any angle you look at this, this is the best product for us to take on our expedition. The packets are stored easily, do not take much space, the absence of water makes them very light, the food doesn’t spoil for a long long time, there is great variety of meals we can prepare, one doesn’t need to know how to cook, just add hot water...could we ask for more?

Besides having stored this product for disaster situations, I could see hundreds of other applications. This food is perfect for anyone who values good taste, high nutrition, ease of preparation, and product longevity. We can’t wait to have a rich meal waiting for us every day! For anyone interested in this product, we will have periodic reports about our impressions and experiences consuming this food for four months. Stay tuned!