When it comes to travel, this is the ultimate trans-American adventure. If you follow us, we will take you across the wide-open steppes of continental U.S., through the seemingly never-ending forests, hills and rivers of Canada, to the untamed Northern wilderness of Alaska and all the way up to the Arctic Sea. Then we will turn around and take the Pacific route passing Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Los Vegas, along with the Yosemite national park, the Death Valley and the Mojave Desert down to Tijuana Mexico. We will visit ancient Maya and Aztec pyramids, taste tequila in Tequila while trying to evade being captured and robbed by drug gangs and highway bandits. We will make our way through Guatemala to the beautiful beaches of Belize, then Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua to the pristine rain forests of Costa Rica. In Panama we will sail through the world’s most famous canal, park our vehicle on a transport and sail to beautiful and wild Colombia. After learning how to dance salsa Cali style, we will drive on to Ecuador from where we will make a short Galapagos excursion. What awaits us after is none other than magical Peru with its ancient cities of Machu Pichu and Cuzco, amongst others. We will trek the disappearing Inca trails. We will look into other universes with Ayahuasca. And if we make it out, we will relax on the floating islands of lake Titicaca in Bolivia.

With countless miles of coastline on one side and towering Andes on the other, Chile will offer a picturesque drive and who knows, perhaps our curiosity will take us as far as the mystical Easter Island. Back on the trail in southern Chile, in rugged and wild Patagonia we will push on until we reach Ushuaia, the southern most city in Argentina, and in the whole world. After making a camp and scaling a few glaciers, we will catch a boat to Antarctica. We are particularly interested in a semi-active volcano called the Deception Island that is almost a stone’s throw off the main continent. There it is possible to dig a pool in the ashen sand, which quickly fills with hot mineral water. Anybody interested in a swim in Antarctica? After trekking in the not-so-terribly-cold summer Antarctica and playing a short game of tennis there, we will return to Ushuaia and from there make our way back north, this time to Buenos Aires. We will see if the tango classes finally paid off. Then drive up to Uruguay and Iguacu Falls on the border with Brazil.

Needless to say Brazil will require a good deal of our attention. For now we will summarize by quickly naming a few cities: Florianopolis, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Salvador, Fortaleza, Belem, and Manaus in the Amazonas. After crisscrossing Brazil we will head to the Guianas. First the civilized and slightly boring French Guiana where if we get lucky we will observe the launch of a European space rocket. Then comes the wild Suriname with its off the beaten path cities and jungles. After surviving Suriname we will push on to Guyana and namely Georgetown, the country’s crumbling colonial capital full of vibrant nightlife, restaurants and markets.

The last destination of our trip is the playing-hard-to-get yet beautiful Venezuela. Angel Falls, the Rio Orinoco, Mt Roraima, and the archipelago de los Roques are but a few examples of the richness of its natural beauty waiting to be experienced.

As we said in the beginning, this is the ultimate trans-American adventure. It is the trip of a lifetime that has the potential not only to fill one with unforgettable memories but to have an undeniably character transformative value. Or simply put, this is the bucket list trip of bucket list trips.

Our Story

While putting this project together we’ve maintained an overreaching idea in mind. We want to bring something positive into your life and lighten up a spark in as many people as possible. We would like everyone to know that there are no borders as to what we can achieve as individuals as well as a group of like-minded people. If we have a good purpose in our minds and hearts there are no limits to our success. In this challenging time for so many people in this country and around the world we see so much suffering and wrongdoing. Yet at the same time there are a few who against all odds prevail in their endeavors and inspire us to rise above our perceived capacity. Join us on our journey and let's draw the best of humanity. Let's make each others lives easier by doing random acts of kindness, even if it’s just a smile. Join us on our adventure, grow, learn, educate yourselves with us as we travel. Let's uncork the limitless potential of the mind, empower each other with knowledge to improve the quality of our lives. Let's find a leader in each of us, know no borders.

We are proud to have partnered with Make-A-Wish Foundation® to educate, inspire and to get involved in the lives of courageous children.