I play these instruments:



Various guitars






I sing.


Scholastic mishaps:

B.A. in Biological Sciences

M.B.A. (Concentrations in International Business and Marketing)

Know Europe Groupe Normandie Program Certificate

M.S. Government Administration Candidate


Studied in:

University of Illinois at Chicago

Roosevelt University

Flemish Business School in Belgium

Hogeschool-Haarlem in Netherlands

ESC-Normandie in France

Universitat Politecnica Catalunya in Spain


Passions: life, history (Roman and Byzantine Empires), languages (English, Czech, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin), sciences (biology, astronomy, psychology, sociology, cross-cultural studies), fine red wine, travel, martial arts (18 years kung-fu), poetry (Latin, English Romantic, Spanish), literature, film (historical, intelligent sci-fi, action, French comedy).


Books: The Bible, Kamen a bolest, Love in the Time of Cholera, The Vampire Chronicles, Memories of My Melancholy Whores, Byzantium (Norwitch), Red and Black, The Charterhouse of Parma


Favorite composers: J.S. Bach/J.D. Zelenka

Favorite poets: Catullus, S.T. Coleridge

Favorite novelist: Stendhal

Favorite painters: Caravaggio, C.D. Friedrich, N. von Richthofen

Favorite woman (alive): My Mother

Favorite woman (dead): Arria

Favorite food: Thi

Favorite drinks: Absinthe, Red Wine

Favorite color: Sky Blue

Favorite mood: Melancholy


What you should know



James Stauber



Adventurer, Business Owner


Favorite Camera:

Canon 7D


Favorite Subjects:

History, travel, MMA, music


favorite book:

Byzantium (by Norwitch)


Favorite Vacation Spot:

San Blas Islands


Personal Motto:

Alta alatis patent.


Music I love to shoot to:

  1. Mozart’s Requiem

  2. Sean Lennon’s Parachutes

  3. My own music


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